Chinese Brush Paintings: The Creative Works of Sheila Hsu

Like most artists, Sheila began her art learning in Hsieh Yee, or Free Brush Stroke style, using calligraphy techniques, which she did in elementary school as a child in China. Having done Chinese writing with a brush has been a great advantage and Sheila likes the free flowing expression this style allows.

Later, Sheila began to take interest in a different style of painting called Gong Bi, or Fine Line. This style is very detailed and requires a lot of painstaking work. Several thin layers of paint are applied, with more layers for darker colors.

Sheila Hsu studied intensively in private lessons from the following artists/professors:

  1. Ping-Guang Zhou - Fine Line Style; attended classes every two weeks, all day classes for 18 months
  2. Chow Chian-Chiu - Landscapes; weekly classes for 12 months
  3. Chow Leung Chen-Ying - Flowers and Birds; classes for several months

In addition, Sheila attended classes taught by Kitty Tow (seven years), Grace Chow, and various artists and teachers on a variety of styles and subjects. She exhibited her paintings at the Carlsbad Libraries, La Jolla Library, Huntington Beach Library, COAL (Carlsbad Oceanside Art League), and Quail/San Diego Botanical Gardens. She belongs to Talent of the Brush and AACBP (American Artists for Chinese Brush Painting).

Sheila won several awards for her work, including one at the Huntington Beach Library Art Show and one at the San Diego County Fair.