Chinese Brush Paintings by Sheila

The creative works of Sheila Hsu

A selection of Sheila Hsu's paintings is displayed here. Her work in Chinese brush painting is beautiful and serene in the traditional style, yet there are modern and abstract qualities to it. Sheila paints in two different styles, Free Brush Stroke and Fine Line.

Sheila loves to do florals - especially chrysanthemums and peonies. She also does landscapes. She likes to use clean lines, clear colors, and some degree of abstraction in her painting. She attempts to maintain some traditional techniques, but opens her creation to a modern, contemporary mood. Here, you will find paintings created by Sheila in both styles mentioned above. Her house in Southern California is like an art gallery. She has a variety of paintings for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing one of Sheila's paintings, please contact Yvonne at Designs by YH.






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